This is not a cliché.

01 April 2019

The world does not have a need of walls, but of bridges yes

I love my job. I like being with people, I get joy at seeing guests smile, and the sight of the guys and girls in the dining room working in harmony makes me happy.

This is the place where I live and I am perfectly aware of the luck I have had in this world. I try to give the best of myself. Being able to dedicate time to people who choose our hotel to spend the most precious time of their year with us, is a privilege. And that is why we do not serve customers, we rather honour guests.
I have learned that guests have other ideas of time, indeed their times are not ours. Their time is calm, regular is that of the holiday. Or at least that is how I like to imagine it. The guest's time is a time of relaxation, of fun, of learning outside of the usual everyday life. The time of we who welcome is often full of commitments, variations, and all is dictated by operational issues, by the need to be able to make people feel good.

Perhaps this is the greatest difficulty in hospitality: to make sure that everything that revolves around our little world is in harmony, to make sure that there is balance between guest and guest.

Among guests, collaborators, suppliers. To welcome means to open up to the other, thinking about his or her well-being, I have to understand desires and pleasures: the guest who after months of intense work arrives tired to enjoy a few days of rest, the collaborator who has a Sardinian mother and will see her only at the end of the season and therefore the pat on the shoulder is more than good for him, the DHL driver who has to deliver many packages in a short time and deserves to be warmly greeted.

I love my work so much that I welcome the inevitable small daily problems with enthusiasm, while the big decisions to be made feel like a lifeblood. I feel like an ancient larch that bends when subjected to the elements, and swings slightly with every breath of wind. Not only does it not break, but it dances in a perpetual motion: without that wind it would be defenceless matter.
How many times do we get criticism from guests, colleagues and fellow villagers for choices that might seem inconsistent - one of them being the desire to limit traffic on the Dolomite passes, for example - because we are used to considering as good listeners only those who share our opinions; but I shrug and go on.
How many times here do we go against the trend, shouting out loud the obligation that we have to help the weakest, those who come from afar. I feel that the spirit of solidarity makes us grow, and where we eat in two we can also eat in four. I have learned that if you do the right and sensible things, and if you do them right, you do not need to follow unholy slogans. A few years ago, the difficulties that stood before me gave me butterflies in my stomach, but now it is different. Those same difficulties give me strength, and under pressure I pull out a force unknown to me in my youth. I feel the full responsibility of a world of economy that is a messed up world, that allows me to live well yes, but I could also live better if a larger world were better. I therefore welcome the idea of the Pope who intends to hold a synod on the economy!

It must become a common goal to reverse a situation that seems normal, but normal is not. Those who produce earn little, those who consume spend a lot and in between there are those who spend a little and earn a lot.

The challenge is to protect biodiversity, choose better what to consume, try to educate even the guest who pays for the carefree holiday. Not only are there high walls all around, but I can see that even higher walls are being built, and I miss the bridges. Yet, those bridges are there, and with our good daily actions we will succeed in making new, more beautiful and more stable ones. That must be the goal: not only to try to do better, but also to do the little good and right things which we can. Why? Because it is only this way that makes man happy and it is the only, only true objective to contribute to the evolution of the human species. Doing things that often seem invisible, those things that escape the mind, but that are obvious to the senses. And now, this said and done, I lift my shoulders, smile and carry on with my day ... and my way.

michil costa