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04 April 2019

The nice thing about biking

The bicycle is mythical, epic and utopian.

The bicycle is at the centre of stories that bring individual experiences to life, as well as myths shared by collective groups; they are two forms of past solidarity, capable of giving an epic slant to even the most modest of personal memories. As always, the future is nourished by a clear awareness of the past. The bicycle thus becomes the symbol of an ecological future for the city of tomorrow and of an urban utopia capable of reconciling society with itself.

Marc Augé

Dear guests and cycle enthusiasts,
Are you training hard so as to accomplish mythical, epic and utopian feats? We remind you that here in the hotel we have a bike rental service and if you want we can guide you on the roads that have marked the history of cycling. And remember too, that during the weekends of the Dolomiti Bike Day - 16th June - and of the SellaRonda Bike Day - 22nd June -, we have some exciting bike-related proposals.

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