This is not a cliché.

08 April 2019

Life’s tales

Here in the hotel, someone also has to take care of the accounts, to check that everything runs smoothly, that there are no errors or misunderstandings, that employees receive their pay, that the balance between incoming and outgoing is always monitored. I am told that I am finicky, paying attention to every detail. I challenge anyone not to be so when it comes to plunging into a world of numbers, reports, tables and excel files. How did I get here? Well, years ago while I was skiing I came across a ski instructor who at first glance fitted perfectly the stereotype of the ski instructor: tanned, pleasant, and with an eye for the girls. He didn't appeal to me very much at first, but things developed and it seemed that in no time we became husband and wife, and now we have two daughters who are growing like gorse in the spring - even if up here in the mountains there is no gorse! That's how life goes, you see. Sometimes life really is full of surprises.

Petra, financial controller