This is not a cliché.

16 April 2019

It is all Greek to me

He does not send his wine, but he rather brings it to us directly. Or rather, his wife Tamara does. This is how Eugenio Rosi, an artisan winemaker from Volano, a small village near Rovereto, Trentino, is. And, he does things well, so much so that there is a relationship between him and the hotel that goes beyond purely commercial aspects. His wines were among the first to be on the Ladinia wine list and are still on it today. Obviously, they are also present on Hotel La Perla's list. Having met him in person, he having come to Ladinia one evening with Michele Loda to talk about his wines, I can say that Eugenio is a special type of person. He does things well, in his own way, which is a way as old as wine. The bunches of the individual varieties he produces are picked as late as possible. Before pressing they are left to ripen further, withering the grapes on special racks to infuse the wine with the necessary differentiation and velvety fullness. The aging is done only in wood, large oak barrels from Slavonia and a small part in cherry barrels that he has placed in a building in the historic centre of his village. He has reintroduced old grapes such as nosiola and marzemino and likes to do things calmly. His wines are called Esegesi, Poiema, Anisos: I never asked him if he studied Greek as a boy. The next time I meet him I should ask.

Michele, head sommelier