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05 February 2021

A question of art

Along the corridors of the hotel one can come across strange objects placed as if they were authentic works of art created by 'poor' artists, in the sense that these artists have become famous throughout the world thanks to the use of materials often taken from everyday life, and this in antithesis to and in polemic with traditional art. To their end these artists reject traditional methods and materials and make use, in fact, of 'poor' materials such as earth, wood, iron, rags, plastic, industrial waste. The intention is to evoke the original structures of the language of contemporary society after having corroded stale habits and conformisms which are typically bourgeois. Just think of Pistoletto's Venus of Rags, for example.

Well, again in this instance, there is the hand of Ernesto, who found around the valleys this ancient door of a farm which had been transformed into an inn with a bar. Rather than seeing it burned or abandoned who knows where Ernesto recovered it and placed it in the hotel. Not only this, but he used all the keys he had recovered from who knows where and placed them inside the door in place of the missing glass. And then he inserted a real hotel key in the lock under the handle. The inscription 'Bar', a bit unbalanced, is vaguely surreal, yet authentic. How marvellous!